25 Dutch blogs to read while you’re learning Dutch

I regularly see questions online asking, what are some good Dutch blogs or websites for reading practice when you’re not ready to commit to an entire book?

I’ve already written about 19 different ideas of what to read online as a beginner. That list includes a few blogs but mostly material that is specifically created as educational content, or geared towards a younger audience, making it easier to understand as a beginner.

This list is more about giving you inspiration for interesting things to read where you can learn something new, on top of studying Dutch!

As always, these websites should all have the option to translate directly in your internet browser, or via the website itself (in case you get stuck).

Travel blogs

If you’re learning Dutch then I can imagine you’ve probably traveled away from home, or would like to! Why not check out some travel blogs?

These are written in a very user friendly manner so are even good for beginners.

As a bonus, there is plenty of original photography to keep you engaged.

1. Weekend Toerist

Anita from WeekendToerist.nl posts inspiration for the best weekends away. Be it a night in the Netherlands or a nice long weekend across the border, she highlights both popular hotspots and hidden gems. Great for nature lovers.

Link: https://weekendtoerist.nl/

2. Reis Liefde

Reis Liefde is a travel blog for travel tips and inspiration with (and without kids). They definitely have the Netherlands covered but also write about many other destinations abroad.

Link: https://reis-liefde.nl/

3. Gids voor het Zuiden

This website was created by two friends, Marlous and Shirley who both moved from Utrecht to Antwerp for love. They write about moving to Belgium, share anecdotes about language and culture differences, and give the spotlight to different hotspots (also for delivery) in Belgium.

Link: https://www.gidsvoorhetzuiden.nl/

4. City Mom

The City Mom blog has a big focus on travelling with kids. She has city guides for many cities in the Netherlands where she gives tips for family friendly spots and activities. She also has many mom and lifestyle focused articles like pre- and post-natal workout spots to check out in NL.

Link: https://www.citymom.nl/

Food blogs

What better way to learn Dutch than by reading and following a Dutch recipe?

Learn all sorts of vocabulary for around the kitchen and supermarket through these food blogs.

5. Lekker en Simpel

As you can guess by their handle, Jorrit and Sofie have been posting lekker and simple recipes and tips daily to their blog since 2012. One of the most popular blogs I’ve come across — their website gets more than 2 million monthly views, and their five cookbooks have been reviewed hundreds of times on bol.com.

Link: https://www.lekkerensimpel.com/

6. Low Carb Chef

If a low-carb diet is more your thing, check out Low Carb Chef to follow the more than 400 recipes on their website.

Link: https://www.lowcarbchef.nl/

7. Meersmaak

Meersmaak is a food and travel blog run by a couple, Kristof and Annelies since 2007. Read their blog and travel stories, follow along one of hundreds of recipes, or peruse their reviews. Particularly fun to read are the “weetjes” found in the ‘Artikels’ menu.

Link: https://www.meersmaak.be/

8. Miljuschka

Miljuschka Witzenhausen is a television presenter, culinary expert, and cook from Amsterdam who you may recognize from one of her shows on 24Kitchen. In 2020 she added this website to her portfolio of businesses. Not only are there hundreds of recipes to follow, there are also tons of articles — for example her weekly column where she shares her favourite things. This range from cookbooks to must-visit restaurants, to handy kitchen tools.

Link: https://miljuschka.nl/

9. Boodschappen

First and foremost, Boodschappen is a magazine that has been inspiring Dutchies in their kitchens for more than 25 years. Their recipes are now available online. What’s nice is you can also search by theme, such as cooking with kids, holiday recipes, quick recipes, etc. 

Link: https://www.boodschappen.nl/

10. Maak het Glutenvrij

This blog by Marit Kuperus is all about the most delicious gluten-free products, recipes, and restaurants. 

Link: https://maakhetglutenvrij.nl/

11. Puur Gezond

Puur Gezond is a website written by dieticians and health scientists about healthy eating and lifestyle, sleep, relaxation, movement, and enjoying life! You can read about these topics on their blog and receive tips on how to easily incorporate them into your daily life.

Link: https://www.puurgezond.nl/lezen

Lifestyle blogs

Lifestyle blogs are often written in a casual, conversational tone, making them ideal for beginner to intermediate Dutch students. These lifestyle blogs are no exception.

12. Breg Blogt

Breg’s blog has been around since 2015, so there are hundreds of articles to read. Living in Maastricht, she is a partner, mom, writer, entrepreneur, homemaker, and avid reader — and writes about all these things on her blog.

Link: https://www.bregblogt.nl/

13. Esmée Lifestyle

Esmée Lifestyle is a blog written by full-time Dutch blogger Esmée Bos. She writes about various topics including beauty, food & drink (e.g. Mocktail recipes for ‘Dry January’), fashion, travel, social media, and blogging itself.

Link: https://www.esmeelifestyle.nl/

14. soChicken 

This website by Jelle Hermus shares articles about living a happy, healthy, successful, free, loving, and conscious life. Depending on the topic, his articles are great for beginner or intermediate Dutch speakers. 

Link: https://sochicken.nl/

15. Ik Woon Fijn

Ik Woon Fijn is a website with more than 1,500 articles full of living and interior design inspiration and tips. Interested in DIY or need some ideas on how to refresh your home? You’re sure to find some inspiration here — all while picking up tons of vocabulary for items around the house.

Link: https://www.ikwoonfijn.nl/

16. Mama Liefde

Also known as “an inexhaustible source of ideas” — you’ll find plenty of inspiration for activities with children, toys, games, crafts, outings, and holidays. In collaboration with professional experts, the blog is also a reliable source of parenting information (e.g. education or childcare).

Link: https://www.mamaliefde.nl/

Discover the Netherlands

Learn Dutch while learning about where it’s spoken!

17. NPO Kennis

NPO Kennis is an online knowledge platform created by NTR, a public broadcaster in the Netherlands. The intention is to provide clear answers to the public on current issues, or on topics that relate to personal life. They answers questions through interactive stories (similar to Instagram stories) and unique videos from public broadcasters. The “long read” format is ideal for reading practice. 

Link: https://npokennis.nl/

18. Weekends in Rotterdam

Weekends in Rotterdam is your guide to planning a visit and exploring what the city has to offer. Discover the neighbourhoods of the city and tons of “best of” lists from food and drink, to street art, to bakeries and more. 

Link: https://weekendsinrotterdam.com/nl/home-nederlands/ 

19. Ontdek Utrecht

Read about all the must-see sights, best bars and restaurants, and art and culture on offer in Utrecht. If you plan to use this site for more than just practicing your reading, it is great for planning your own walking or cycling tour of the city. 

Link: https://www.ontdek-utrecht.nl/

20. Rotterdam Info

Rotterdam Info is another great city guide, only this site has a dedicated blog section. Find your preferred Rotterdam blogger here and see the city through their eyes.

Link: https://rotterdam.info/

21. Texel.net

This site has tons of articles you can check out for tips not only on how to get to Texel, but for every season – where to go, what to see, what to eat and drink. Explore ideas for groups, kids, families, and even dog owners. 

Link: https://www.texel.net/nl/

22. DenHaag.com

The Den Haag website has tons of short, easy-to-read articles with tips on what to see and do in Den Haag. You can also read about where to stay, and follow the full agenda of upcoming events of all kinds.

Link: https://denhaag.com/nl

23. Visit Groningen

This website covers everything you need to know to make the most out of a visit to Groningen. Discover plenty of articles about the province, the city, and the heritage of Groningen accompanied by beautiful original photography.

Link: https://www.visitgroningen.nl/nl

24. I Amsterdam

I Amsterdam is the guide to Amsterdam for residents and visitors. Find blog posts by neighbourhood, read about upcoming events, discover the trendiest food and drink spots, or even read about how to get around the city. You may also found their column ‘de Echte Amsterdammer’ a good read. It features residents of the city (both natives and imports) and what they love about the city.

Link: https://www.iamsterdam.com/nl

25. Bezoek Maastricht

Check out the Bezoek Maastricht website for your typical visitor information, and for plenty to read about the history and culture of the South Limburg region.

Link: https://www.bezoekmaastricht.nl/

Is your favourite blog not on the list? Leave a comment and let me know what your go-to blogs are for practicing Dutch!

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