45 social media accounts to follow for Dutch content (2022)

If you use social media, following accounts and influencers that post in Dutch is a fun and passive way to study the language. 

If you can find some accounts that interest you then it becomes much easier to consume that content on a regular basis and stay engaged.

I put together this list of 45 social media accounts for anyone looking to immerse themselves in Dutch.

You’ll find a mix of educational content, news, influencers, food, sport, and more to add to your feed. 

Hopefully it serves as a starting point for ideas and inspiration of content to add into your daily routine while on your path to mastering the language.


News (especially videos) is good for beginners because broadcasts are spoken in a clear, professional manner. They’ll also keep you up to speed on the latest current events in the Netherlands and world.

1. NOS Jeugdjournaal

NOS Jeugdjournaal is a news program for children between 9 and 12 years old. It airs on live television on NPO 3, but they post daily news stories on their Instagram account and many to their YouTube channel. Being targeted for 9-12 year olds, it is perfect for a beginner!

YouTubeNOS Jeugdjournaal

2. NOS Nieuws

Dutch broadcaster NOS (Nederlandse Omroep Stichting) posts daily stories to their official Instagram account. They have a related YouTube channel with videos made especially for those with difficulty reading or writing. Videos and are approximately 10 minutes in length — spoken in clear, simple Dutch.

YouTubeNOS Nieuws van de week

3. NOS Stories 

Follow NOS stories (again by Nederlandse Omroep Stichting) for news targeted at young adults. They post daily on Instagram and TikTok, and weekly research stories on their YouTube channel.

YouTubeNOS Stories

4. Omroep ZWART

Omroep ZWART is a broadcasting association that is part of het Nederlands publiek omroepbestel. Its aim is to make inclusive programming with people of all skin colours, preferences, origins, orientations, backgrounds, and disabilities. 

FacebookOmroep ZWART

5. RTL Nieuws

RTL Nieuws brings you breaking news, stories behind the headlines, and the personal stories of people in the news around the world. YouTube videos are typically no more than 4 minutes long, and have Dutch subtitles built-in.

YouTubeRTL Nieuws
FacebookRTL Nieuws

6. De Volkskrant 

De Volkskrant is a daily morning newspaper that has been in circulation since 1921 targeting highly educated readers.

Facebookde Volkskrant

7. Koninklijkhuis

Follow Koninklijkhuis for official news stories, messages, and photos out of the royal house of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

YouTubeKoninklijk Huis
FacebookKoninklijk Huis

Personalities & influencers

I love vlogs/personal accounts and channels for language immersion because you hear a lot of conversational, everyday Dutch.

8. Elise Boers

Elise is a mom of twin boys, sharing regular content on Instagram and TikTok and weekly vlogs of her life in Amsterdam. She regularly shares the ups and downs of parenting and everyday life. Vlogs on YouTube are around 40 minutes long.

YouTubeElise Boers

9. Vita Cleo

Vita is a vibrant Dutch content creator sharing weekly vlogs of her life in Amsterdam. You can also find some dance inspired workouts on her channel. Most vlogs are around 20 minutes long.

YouTubeVita Cleo

10. Dee

Dee van der Zeeuw is a 25-year old singer sharing weekly vlogs on YouTube of her everyday life: finishing her study, traveling, fashion. She has spoken candidly in recent vlogs about her pregnancy journey with boyfriend Lars. Similar content is shared on her Instagram account.


11. Gio

Giovanni Latooy is a 23-year old YouTuber from Rotterdam sharing vlogs of life with his girlfriend, friends, and family. Gio has made quite a living for himself with the help of 1.3 million subscribers. His daily 25-minute vlogs take you along for the ride on many travel adventures, custom building a new car, and much more.


12. Nienke Plas

Nienke Plas is a presenter, YouTuber, singer, and actress living with her husband and two boys in Amsterdam. She posts regular vlogs to YouTube among other series and her music which can also be found on her channel.

YouTubeNienke Plas

13. Teske

Teske is a 26-year old singer, writer, and has been posting YouTube videos since 2009. Her vlogs offer a look into her life in Limburg as a new mom with partner Mert, and her love for her cat, plants, and vegan food.


 14. Chanel Lodik

Chanel Matil Lodik is a marketing professional turned writer, speaker, influencer, and diversity and inclusion expert. She discusses topics such as entrepreneurship, racism, marketing, modern parenting, and autism.

WebsiteChanel Lodik

15. Channah Koerten

Channah Koerten is a reality television star known for her appearance in the second season of Temptation Island. She posts regular vlogs and Instagram stories of her daily life with two kids having just moved from the Netherlands to Curaçao.

YouTubeChannah Koerten

16. Jessie Maya

Jessie Bosch is a 25 year-old YouTuber and one of the biggest transgender influencers in the Netherlands. Her channel and social media feature makeup, fashion, vlogs, and most recently content over her new vegan and cruelty-free makeup line Cursed Cosmetics.

YouTubeJessie Maya

17. Anna Nooshin 

Anna is an entrepreneur, presenter, writer, and fashion blogger. Born in Iran, she fled to the Netherlands at age seven with her family seeking asylum. She recently released a documentary on Amazon Prime, ‘Anna: Status’ where she cautiously works to process this difficult time in her childhood.

YouTubeAnna Nooshin

18. Enzo Knol

Enzo Knol posts a vlog every day at 4 pm to his 2.65 million subscribers. Videos are intended to be humorous but sometimes also address more serious topics. He posts gaming videos to his second channel EnzoKnol2 (Sims, Fortnite, FIFA, and more).


19. Elise Schaap

Elise Schaap is an actress from Rotterdam. She plays a leading role in the Belgian/Dutch Netflix series ‘Undercover’. She posts about roles and projects she is currently working on, but also about occasionally about personal/family life.


20. Kaj Gorgels

Kaj Gorgels is a presenter and podcast host from Rotterdam who is well known for his participation in the eighteenth season of Expedition Robinson in 2017. He posts about everyday life on social media as well as funny skits to his TikTok.


21. Govert Sweep

Govert travels the world in search of the most unique stories and adventures to bring to YouTube. He tries to survive in the cold of Sweden; walk 1,500 km through Zambia; investigate paranormal activity; and much more.



These entertaining accounts should give you some ideas for binge-able content to add to your passive Dutch learning practice.


RUMAG is a Dutch social media brand and YouTube channel mainly attracting young people. They famously publish cheeky slogans, with white letters on a black background as seen on their Instagram account.


23. LINDA.

LINDA. is a monthly women’s magazine founded in 2003 and targeted towards women.


24. Beautygloss

Mascha’s Youtube channel is well-known for beauty reviews, trials, and tutorials, but she also sometimes posts mukbangs, videos with a special guest, or does a personal Q&A or chat about personal topics. 


25. Iris Rulkens

Iris is an online comedian often posting reels of funny imitations, sketches, and relatable videos.


26. Rijk Hofman

Rijk creates videos with hysterical editing and commentary, reacting to videos online and popular Dutch television series such as First Dates, Lang Leve de Liefde, and The Bachelor. His videos are between 10-15 minutes long.

YouTubeRijk Hofman

27. Top Notch NL

Top Notch is a record label that was best known for its releases of ‘nederhop’ (Dutch rap based on hip-hop music from the late 1980s). Today they release all kinds of music, movies and books. They are active on their Instagram account and post new music regularly to YouTube.


28. Meester Mark

Writer Mark van der Werf’s Instagram account is a feed of “kinderlogica” — funny ways kids answer homework questions, send messages over WhatsApp, creatively spell words, and more.


29. Funda Makeovers

Funda Makeovers posts before and after shots of fully renovated homes for sale in the Netherlands. Room by room you can follow the transformation, and also find out how much the makeover added to the asking price.


30. The Best Social Media

The Best Social Media is an Instagram account reposting the most entertaining and viral tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram comments, and TikToks.

FacebookThe Best Social Media
WebsiteThe Best Social Media


Add some beautiful nature photography to your feed, and get to know more Dutch vocabulary in the fields of science, travel, history, space, and nature.

31. Nat Geo NL

National Geographic needs no introduction. Follow the NL Instagram account for their photography and stories from around the world in Dutch.

FacebookNational Geographic
WebsiteNational Geographic

32. Zoom NL

Zoom NL is an online platform, giving the spotlight to photographers through features on their Instagram feed, with a short caption about the photos.



This list would be incomplete without accounts that add some Dutch lessons (and some other fun educational content) to your feed.

33. The Thinkfluencer

Roderick regularly posts facts, riddles, and puzzles to his Instagram account, mainly in the form of reels.


34. Taal Boost

Taal Boost offers online and in-person Dutch lessons, but also interacts with current and future students via social media. They post short lessons and tips to their Instagram account and have some useful articles on their blog.

WebsiteTaal Boost

35. Vivo Dutch

Vivian, the creator of Vivo Dutch, helps English-speaking expats learn how to speak Dutch with confidence. She offers free and paid courses and is active daily on Instagram.

WebsiteTaal Boost

36. Learn Dutch with Kim

Kim Jautze has one of the most popular YouTube channels teaching “Dutchies to Be” her native language of Dutch. If you’ve seen my post about topics you need to know for each level of Dutch, you’ll notice she has a video about just about every topic.

YouTubeDuchies to Be – Learn Dutch with Kim


What better way to learn Dutch than by reading and following a Dutch recipe? Learn all sorts of vocabulary for around the kitchen and supermarket through these food accounts.

37. Miljuschka

Miljuschka Witzenhausen is a television presenter, culinary expert, and cook from Amsterdam. In 2020 she added her website to her portfolio of businesses. Not only are there hundreds of recipes to follow, there are also tons of articles and a weekly column where she shares her favourite things.

FacebookMiljuschka Witzenhausen

38. Lekker en Simpel 

Jorrit and Sofie have been posting lekker and simple recipes and tips daily to their blog since 2012 and for years now to their Instagram account. Their website gets more than 2 million monthly views, and their five cookbooks have been reviewed hundreds of times on bol.com.

FacebookLekker en Simpel
WebsiteLekker en Simpel

39. Puur Gezond

Puur Gezond is a website written by dieticians and health scientists about healthy eating and lifestyle, sleep, relaxation, movement, and enjoying life! You can read about these topics on their blog and Instagram, and receive tips on how to easily incorporate them into your daily life.

FacebookPuur Gezond
WebsitePuur Gezond

40. De Gezonde Toer

RĂ©mi shares seasonal, healthy recipes via Instagram posts, stories, and guides.


41. Eef Kookt Zo

Eva is a food blogger, photographer, and recipe developer sharing simple recipes on Instagram and her blog, accompanied by beautiful photos.

WebsiteEef Kookt Zo


You might enjoy subscribing to one of these channels for your regular dose of sports, but in Dutch!

42. NOS sport

Dutch broadcaster NOS (Nederlandse Omroep Stichting) shares regular sports posts and stories to their official Instagram account.

YouTubeNOS Sport
WebsiteNOS Sport

43. Ziggo sport

Follow Ziggo Sport for regular highlights and interviews of your favourite sports and athletes of the season. 

YouTubeZiggo Sport
WebsiteZiggo Sport


ESPN NL is a Dutch group of television channels focused on international sports competitions. Their social media is the self-proclaimed “huis van het Nederlands voetbal”. 

WebsiteESPN NL

45. Voetbal Zone

Voetbal Zone posts daily to Instagram and YouTube about all things football — Oranje (Nederlands elftal), Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV, Eredivisie, and Keuken Kampioen Divisie.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of accounts — but hopefully gives enough variety for you to find something to stick with.

Don’t see your favourite Dutch influencer or social media account on the list? Leave a comment and let me know what should be included in the next list!

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