23 Dutch speaking vloggers to follow on YouTube (2024)

Last updated: February 18, 2024

If you’re into vlogs, you’ll love them for language immersion. 

Vloggers tend to speak to the camera conversationally (not to mention the conversations you hear them have with others) so you hear plenty of everyday Dutch.

I put together this list of 23 Dutch vloggers who are active in 2024… From a fashion designer, to family vloggers, to a truck-driving vlogger!

Whether you’re looking to practice Dutch or just explore new channels, you’re sure to find something you like.

Most, if not all channels have auto-generated closed captioning in Dutch, but can also be auto-translated into several other languages.

Travel, fun & entertainment

These Dutch vloggers will not only entertain and take you along in their travels — they will probably also teach you some Dutch!

1. Gio

Giovanni Latooy is a 25-year old YouTuber from Rotterdam sharing vlogs of life with his friends and family. Gio has made quite a living for himself with the help of 1.3 million subscribers. His daily 25-minute vlogs take you along for the ride on many travel adventures, custom building a new car, and much more.

2. Enzo Knol

Enzo is perhaps the most well-known vlogger in the Netherlands. He posts a vlog every day at 4 pm to his 2.81 million subscribers. Videos are intended to be humorous but sometimes also address more serious topics.

3. UberQuin

21-year Quin van der Zeeuw is the younger brother of Dee (see #11 on this list) and also has a huge following of more than 560,000 subscribers. He posts a 15 minute video roughly once every week.

4. Ties

Ties Granzier is a 24-year old YouTuber from Limburg who has gained a following of over 817,000 followers from posting videos over the last ten years. He recently bought his first home so the latest videos will take you along in the process of the renovation.

5. Marije Zuurveld

Marije is a 25-year old vlogger who also does sketches, sit-down chats, and fashion videos. She moved from Amsterdam to Den Haag about two years ago and made a series of more than 10 videos (e.g. house tour, interior unboxing, DIY-ing furniture, and puppy-proofing the house). She posts a 10 minute video about every couple weeks.

6. Jesse Hoefnagels

Jesse’s YouTube channel is well known for series such as Verdwaald In… (where he visits cities around the world and interacts with locals) and Gedropt (where he tries to go through all provinces in one week without money or a phone). For the rest, he posts a 10 minute vlog every couple weeks.


Govert travels the world in search of the most unique stories and adventures to bring to YouTube. He tries to survive in the cold of Sweden; walk 1,500 km through Zambia; investigate paranormal activity; and much more. Currently he is in Syria, talking to locals about the conflict there while exploring the country. 

8. Martijn Kuipers

Martijn is a truck driver, and in his series ‘Knippie Knippie Kuipers On Tour’ he takes you with him to work visiting new places, loading interesting cargo, and showing you all different forms of transportation.

9. Joel Beukers

Joel Beukers is a lifestyle coach, fitness model, and the man behind the brand Clean Nutrition. A lover of fast cars — many of his videos are vlogs showcasing his car collection, different challenges, trips with friends, fitness videos, all with plenty of humour.

Dutch family vloggers

Learn everyday Dutch following the lives of these Dutch vloggers who are posting family and lifestyle content.

10. Elise Boers

Elise is a mom of three, sharing weekly vlogs. You can find recent content of her and her partner Wout settling themselves and their kids into life in Ibiza, where they’ve decided to move temporarily. She regularly shares the ups and downs of parenting and everyday life. Vlogs are around 40 minutes long.

11. Dee

Dee van der Zeeuw is a 26-year old singer sharing weekly vlogs on YouTube of her everyday life: family, work, fashion, pregnancy, projects around the house, and more. She is pregnant with her second child so there is lots to see along this journey. Vlogs are around 40 minutes long.

12. Nienke Plas

Nienke Plas is a presenter, YouTuber, singer, and actress living with her husband and three kids in Amsterdam. She posts two videos a week to YouTube which are around 30 minutes long.

13. Teske

Teske is a 27-year old singer, writer, and has been posting YouTube videos since 2009. Her vlogs offer a look into her life in Limburg as a new mom with partner Mert, and her love for her cat, plants, and vegan food.

14. Channah Koerten

Channah Koerten is a reality television star known for her appearance in the second season of Temptation Island. She posts regular vlogs of her daily life with two kids having just moved from the Netherlands to Curaçao earlier this year.


The Lakap family (Esra, Seran, and three boys) posts multiple 15 minute vlogs every week to YouTube. The channel has more than 746,000 subscribers and their videos have gained over 477 million views. Recent videos follow their recent home purchase in Dubai.

16. Julia Johanna

Julia de Bruin is a 23-year old mom to 1-year old Levv (with another on the way) and lives with her family in Brabant. Every week she posts a new vlog giving a glimpse into her life as a young mom.

Beauty, fashion & lifestyle

17. Vita Cleo

Vita is a vibrant Dutch content creator sharing weekly vlogs of her life in Amsterdam with boyfriend Roderick and son Louis. She regularly gives recommendations (collaborations) of her favourite beauty and fashion brands, and takes you along as she makes their new home their own. Most vlogs are around 20 minutes long.

18. Jessie Maya

Jessie Bosch is a 27 year-old YouTuber and one of the biggest transgender influencers in the Netherlands. Her channel features vlogs but also makeup, fashion, and other fun videos.

19. Josh Veldhuizen

Josh Veldhuizen is a Dutch fashion entrepreneur who started her brand JOSH V in 2011. Her weekly 20-minute vlogs give a luxurious glimpse into her life as an entrepreneur and mother. You’ll find videos of her everyday life as a mom to a new baby and busy toddler, along with plenty of fashion. 

20. Rachel John

Rachel is a 22-year old studying Nutrition and Dietetics and living on her own in Amsterdam. In her vlogs she shares her passion for sport (kickboxing and strength training) and healthy lifestyle. Vlogs are about 10 minutes long every couple weeks.

21. Liefs Lotte

Lotte is a vlogger living in Utrecht posting a 20 minute vlog approximately every week. Aside from vlogs she also films shopping hauls, challenges, trying new products for the first time, and much more.

22. faenomenal

Fae just finished studying in Utrecht and embarked on a journey with her boyfriend to live abroad for the first time in Norway. Recent videos follow along in this journey, next to vlogs about everyday life, vegan eats, and thrifting. She posts a 15 minute video every Wednesday at 4pm. 

23. Alice Olsthoorn

Alice is a musician and YouTuber posting all kinds of fun, playfully edited videos ranging from songs, story-time chats, to vlogs. She also speaks openly and educates about being transgender. She posts a 10 minute video every other week.

Final thoughts

This is by no means an exhaustive list of Dutch vloggers out there — but hopefully gives enough variety for you to find something to stick with.

Once you start watching more of the videos you like, YouTube will do its thing and recommend other channels that you might be interested in. This is often how I find new channels!

Don’t see your favourite Dutch vloggers on the list? Leave a comment and let me know what should be included in the next list!

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