8 YouTube channels that teach you Dutch

YouTube is a great place to find free videos teaching you not only basic Dutch, but also explanatory videos of just about every grammar topic you can think of.

I’ve put together this list of 8 YouTube channels for anyone looking to learn Dutch.

These Dutch teachers and creators have developed amazing content that can help you learn at your own pace.

We all learn differently — so go with whichever personality, teaching style, and accent you like most!

1. Learn Dutch with Kim

Kim Jautze has one of the most popular YouTube channels teaching “Dutchies to Be” her native language of Dutch.

I have previously posted the recommended online content for various Dutch grammar topics.

If you’ve seen that post you’ll notice that Kim has a video on just about every topic.

Her content is nicely organized into playlists for:

  • Beginners course (A0-A1)
  • Beginners & intermediates course (A1-A2)
  • Higher intermediates course (A2-B1+)
  • Sentence structure course
  • Dutch verbs
  • Dutch phrases
  • Daily Dutch conversations
  • Prepositions

And much more… including vlogs, shorts, and videos about Dutch culture.

The video style is mainly Kim giving the lesson “face to face” with the audience. She also incorporates other characters in skits to demonstrate example conversations and scenarios.

She mostly speaks in slow, clear Dutch in her videos (including for giving grammar explanations) and includes English subtitles.

Number of videos150+
Video length10-20 minutes
OriginThe Netherlands (The Hague)

2. Learn Dutch with Niels

Niels has posted a number of YouTube videos teaching commonly used Dutch sentence and grammar structures. The focus of his lessons is on forming sentences yourself so that you can become more flexible and confident when speaking Dutch. 

The explanations of the grammar in his video are given in English. 

Niels is from the Netherlands and has a ‘zachte g’ pronunciation.

The video style is mainly Niels giving the lesson “face to face” with the audience but he occasionally uses props or gives a lesson outdoors in order to better demonstrate the topic.

Being a former Dutch teacher, he explains grammar in a clear and comprehensible manner and gives plenty of examples. He speaks slowly but repeats sentences at a normal speed as well, and includes subtitles on screen. 

Niels’ YouTube channel is one of the first I used when I started learning Dutch years ago.

Despite (unfortunately) being inactive at the moment, Niels’ videos are good quality and I highly recommend them for beginners.

Number of videos15+
Video length10-20 minutes
OriginThe Netherlands

3. juf M NT2

Mieke (known on social media as juf M NT2) works at an asylum seekers’ centre in Friesland teaching Dutch.

During the pandemic, it became difficult to give lessons in-class due to constant closures. She began posting videos on YouTube and sending them to her students via WhatsApp.

Before long the channel grew from 100 followers to 1,000… to more than 60,000 today. Mieke’s channel has gained a total of more than 6 million video views and it has only been around for two years.

In her lessons she speaks Dutch as much as possible and uses images and objects. Lessons mainly focus on everyday themes such as home, the body, food, drink, the doctor, along with some specific grammar lessons.

The video format is similar to a classroom lesson. She stands in the classroom and explains the topics at a presentation screen, and speaks to the camera as if were a student. 

Number of videos70+
Video length3-10 minutes
OriginThe Netherlands

4. Learn Dutch with Bart de Pau

The largest channel on this list, the Learn Dutch YouTube channel has more than 50 million views.

Many of the older videos on the channel are great for learning the basics, for example:

  • Dutch alphabet
  • 250 Dutch proverbs
  • 1000 most common words
  • Typical Dutch vocabulary

Tip: sort videos from oldest to newest to quickly find the above series.

Bart also posts a very popular animated soap series called “Heb je zin?” on his channel. There are three seasons with each season increasing respectively in difficulty. Episodes are short and feature Dutch and English subtitles. 

This series is great for practicing listening comprehension and learning new vocabulary.

Number of videos400+
Video length3-5 minutes
OriginThe Netherlands

5. Clear Dutch Grammar

Clear Dutch Grammar is a smaller YouTube channel created by Dutch teacher Ilka Schaap, who has more than 9 years experience teaching Dutch as second language.

In my post on the topics you need to know for each level of Dutch, you’ll notice that Ilka has videos on the foundational grammar topics such as:

  • DE or HET? (5 part series)
  • The root of Dutch verbs
  • Sentence building
  • Word order
  • Dutch past tense (perfectum)
  • Separable verbs

The video format is similar to a video call — the grammar content is shared on the main screen and she takes you through several slides and examples. The teacher can be seen in a small window off to the side.

The explanations of the grammar are given in English.

Number of videos20+
Video length5-15 minutes
OriginThe Netherlands (Groningen)

6. Learn Dutch with Alain

This YouTube channel is hosted by Alain de Raymond, a Dutch teacher from Belgium. That makes him the one of the two on this list offering Dutch lessons with a Flemish accent. 

His videos are mostly short but cover different grammar topics, pronunciation, expressions, and frequently used words.

He even offers a free course on his channel of more than 30 videos.

In terms of the video format — Alain gives the lessons “face to face” with the audience on one half of the screen, and uses the other half to display the text. Grammar explanations are given in English.

Need listening practice? He has videos where you can listen to him dictating a news article at a slow pace, with the article text on screen.

Number of videos200+
Video length3-10 minutes

7. SociaTaal

SociaTaal is a growing channel created by Koen Kleinstra.

His videos are nice and short and focus on the basics such as:

  • Personal pronouns
  • Telling time
  • Days, months, seasons
  • Articles de and het
  • Numbers

Koen gives the lesson facing the camera and also makes frequent use of text on screen to demonstrate the words and/or sentences being described. 

English subtitles and Dutch auto-generated subtitles are available on videos. However, Koen speaks at a slow, clear pace making it quite easy to understand even though he speaks predominantly in Dutch.

Number of videos20+
Video length3-10 minutes
OriginThe Netherlands

8. Dutch & Go with Nout

Dutch & Go is the YouTube channel created by Nout van den Neste.

He created his channel to provide students with useful exercises and grammar explanations that he developed over the years as a teacher. His aim is to make videos that are fun, educational, and entertaining to help people create productive study habits.

Nout is from Bruge in Belgium and speaks Dutch in his videos with a West Flanders accent.

His videos are a combination of grammar lessons (explained in English), videos about Dutch in Belgium (and differences from the Netherlands), study tips, and pronunciation help.

He also has a series called ‘Spreektaal’ where he speaks entirely in Dutch about a simple, everyday topic. He does not add his own subtitles but Dutch auto-generated subtitles are available in YouTube with the option to translate to other languages.

Videos are mainly in a sit-down format where he speaks to the camera and adds Dutch text to demonstrate example words or sentences.

Number of videos100+
Video length5-10 minutes
OriginBelgium (Bruges)

Don’t see your go-to YouTube channel on the list? Leave a comment and let me know what should be included in the next list!

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  1. Hi there, “Dutch with aline” is a new one from a girl from Leuven – Vlaams Brabant. Especially the interesting podcasts with a flemish accent are a plus. Most of the content is still in the make.


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